The Natural Solution to Plastic Polution

100% from Nature…100% back to Nature
Plant-based. Food grade. Non-toxic.
Biodegrades quickly after use, even in seawater
A Clear Alternative to Plastic and Bioplastic

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SoluBlue material is made from 100% food grade ingredients derived from seaweed. We make structural containers and packaging for single-use applications such as cups, lids, clamshells and punnets. Although our material has many of the key qualities of plastic, such as transparency, rigidity and low weight, unlike plastic SoluBlue biodegrades fully in a matter of weeks, leaving nothing behind.

Being made from seaweed, not oil, SoluBlue products can safely be discarded of in food waste streams (both home and industrial), and unlike bioplastics our material adds value by enriching compost and benefiting farmers as a result. Our material is non-allergenic, non-toxic and bio-digestible: it causes no harm to animals or ecosystems. And in a world where not all waste ends up where it’s supposed to, SoluBlue material has the advantage of being able to biodegrade naturally, wherever it ends up, on land or at sea.

Having won the New Materials category of the global NextGen Cup Challenge, SoluBlue is focusing on the development of cold beverage cups and food containers towards commercial production using turnkey high-volume manufacturing processes that can be partnered or licensed. Our goal is to solve problems caused by the 500 billion single-use plastic cups used and disposed of around the world annually – a number growing by 30 billion cups per year.